Book Review: PCS to Corporate America

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PCS to Corporate America is written by Roger Cameron, of the recruiting firm Cameron-Brooks, arguably the first person to hone in on the market for getting JMOs hired right out of the military.  While it is associated with a specific recruiting firm, it’s really the only book out there written specifically for the military officer going through this transition!

PCS is not the be-all, end-all guide to getting hired out of the Army.  Take it with a grain of salt because, as we repeat all the time, every individual’s experience is different.  But the book does give you a roadmap and some good advice, on anything from interviews to business suits.

I personally felt it was a useful resource, though judging by the reviews on Amazon there are those who both love and hate it.  But like I said, grain of salt.  This is written by the founder of a recruiting firm, and probably aimed mostly at his firm’s candidates.  (And if the information sounds dated, just adapt the lessons… I had to do the same when I read Carnegie’s classic How to Win Friends & Influence People.)

I chose to read it straight through, run through it with a highlighter, and use it as a reference as I prepare for interviews.  Cameron understands military-speak, and I learned a lot about communicating more effectively.  I gleaned that preparedness is paramount, and while I could have found a lot of this information online, I would never have found it all in one place.  I’m also thankful that they continue to update the book over time.

I’d definitely recommend this to an officer considering leaving the military for a civilian career; it ought to be at the top of your reading list as you transition.


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