Book Review: The Military to Civilian Transition Guide

This book is one I received for free from the Army as I began my transition.  It is published by Corporate Gray, a website that helps connect veterans with military-friendly employers.  It has a lot of ads (probably why it’s free!) but contains some good information.  They also re-release every couple of years to stay relevant, which is always a good thing in this ever-changing economy and workforce!

The Military to Civilian Transition Guide is a great starting point for anyone, of any military background, to develop a transition plan.  It outlines a lot of resources out there for veterans, as well as provides a good sample timeline for finding employment.  There are a ton of websites provided for further research (many of them are located here on our links page).

I also liked the chapter on identifying your transferable skills/traits.  I’ve said it before, but veterans sell themselves short in terms of their value in the civilian world.  We have a lot of things going for us, and it’s important to OWN IT!

If you can get your hands on a free copy of this book, I’d recommend it.  Every chapter is not going to apply to every person, but there’s certainly good information to glean.


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