This Week’s Reads

I follow (using an RSS feed reader) about 100 blogs.  Maybe more!  And while the topics do vary, I come across posts that have some great advice for finance and careers… so I’m going to start sharing my favorites with you every week!  Hopefully you find something useful.

How to handle sticky situations at work – Kiplinger

10 body language mistakes that sabotage most interviews – Wise Bread

How to use social media to land your next job – Tecca

What will it take to #FixYoungAmerica? – Lindsey Pollak

Don’t be afraid to change your mind – Eat Your Career

Top 50 most admired companies – CNN Money

Why soft skills are essential to career success – Ms. Career Girl

5 things to bring to a job interview – SavvySugar

5 steps to maintaining your cool when faced with stinging criticism – Escape from Cubicle Nation

Ask for feedback the right way – Great on the Job

5 steps to career reinvention revealed – Great on the Job


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