My Success Story

Yes, you read that right…  I’ve found a job!  So since I’ve been sharing other folks’ success stories, I decided it was finally time to share mine.

I served for five years in the Army, including two tours to Iraq.  I entered service bright-eyed and optimistic, but soon found myself disappointed.  While I made some lasting friendships, it always felt like a job for me, not something I wanted to do for any longer than I had to.  I was frustrated that no matter how hard I worked, I was promoted based on time in service, at the same rate as guys who failed to perform.  I didn’t feel valued, and I never had a choice in where I went or what I did.  So when the opportunity came to tender my resignation, I did so without hesitation.

That said, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.  I took the GMAT, figuring I could get my MBA to make myself a bit more ‘relevant’ in the business world.  But then a recruiting company called me after my friend gave them my number, and I started to research business careers.  I liked the development program and interview preparation the recruiter offered, and soon had a professional resume built.  Discovering that I didn’t need an MBA to get “post-MBA” positions, I decided to pursue a business career.

I attended a career conference, interviewing with a dozen companies.  I was so impressed by the quality of the companies and positions I was considered for!  I couldn’t have been more pleased by the results.  I was offered a number of followups, and received multiple offers.  In the end, I chose a company that offered me a position higher than what I’d initially interviewed for!  My Army leadership and experience had really helped me shine, and I’m ready to make the leap to the civilian world.  I credit the recruiter for linking me up with such great opportunities, but also my own diligent preparation and research for getting me the job.

My advice?  Figure out what you want to do, and don’t compromise your non-negotiables.  I learned to pursue your dream from Brian, to figure out what I wanted in a job from a friend, and the value of recruiting firms from Troy.  Basically, all of the lessons I’ve been writing about in this blog were directly taken from my experience as I went through this process.

I will continue to write here, about my move, first days on the job, and more lessons learned along the way.  I have lots of friends asking questions, and I’ll be sure to answer them here.  So keep on visiting, and I’ll keep on writing!

Thanks for being along for the ride.


One thought on “My Success Story

  1. Wonderful! These labors of love, to assist others, often end up helping ourselves. Please keep up this good work because if we all pitch in a the Amish barn raising, we will build it and they will come! And for us that means our military family is transitioned and hopefully safe in our civilian world. I hope you enjoy your new found career. Warmly- jt

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