Hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work I go!

I thought a lot about closing up shop on this blog, since I rarely post anymore… the truth is, I’ve been happily caught up in my new job, without the time or energy to devote to writing.

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Instead, I’m working, exploring my new town, working out, and spending more time with my family.  I’ve finally achieved the work-life balance (yes, that old cliche term!) that I’ve craved for years.  I have read entire books, just for fun.  I’ve started to get into better shape.  I’ve made new friends.  And it’s awesome!

So where does this leave From Camo to Corporate?  I’m not sure. Most of my peers that have left the military recently are in the same boat as me… one of them is even working at the same company!  They’re all busy starting new lives, and for the most part they’re really kicking some butt.  I have seen one or two who didn’t choose the right fit for work; those who took more time to prepare for their exit have had the best results.  But everyone’s personal lives are golden, and none of us have any regrets about leaving active duty.

I get weekly calls and e-mails from other officers considering leaving the military.  They ask me questions about health care, salary, moving, and more…  I’m not expert, I’ve just been through it, and I try to get them to see all of the pros and cons.  But in the end, it’s a personal decision.  Every individual will have a different story.

I do have a few ideas of things to write about…  signing up for health care is something I did recently, and I have my first doctor’s appointment next month!    So maybe I’ll post from time to time.  But at a minimum, this page will be here as a resource, hopefully something that people will find and use!