By Topic

New to the site?  Here are some of the most popular/informative posts, by topic, in case you want to catch up/browse!

Choosing to Transition

Why Are You Getting Out?

The Value of Your Military Experience

Choosing Graduate School (also, see Free GMAT/GRE)

How I Told My Boss I’m Quitting

How to Be Happy in Your Career

Finding a Job/Making the Move

Recruiting Firms

Interview Attire

Handling Multiple Interviews

Weighing Job Offers

Figuring Out Cost of Living

Technology & Other Resources


Success Stories

Mark – Active Duty to National Guard/Job via Recruiting Firm

Brian – Active Duty w/Medical Discharge to Job via Independent Search

Troy – Active Duty to Job via Recruiting Firm

Book Reviews

The Military to Civilian Transition Guide by Carl S. Savino and Ronald L. Krannich, Ph.D.

PCS to Corporate America by Roger Cameron


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