Thinking about an Internship?

One of the things I felt I missed out on in college was an internship opportunity.  I spent my summers in military training, while my sister spent time as an intern in public relations, hospitality, and event coordination.  Upon graduation, she landed a job in the hospitality industry, directly related to her internship focus and not her major.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Not everyone leaving the military will have an opportunity to squeeze in an internship before starting a new job.  But for those headed to grad school, or have a lot of terminal leave before they intend to job search, an internship is a good way to break into certain fields that are notoriously difficult to enter.  I think about Brian’s success story and how he had a passion for technology that helped him create his own personal brand.  If your goal is to work in an industry like film, television, PR/advertising, sports, fashion, publishing, tech, art, and other ‘creative’ fields, an internship might be your back door to the career of your dreams.

Intern Sushi is one great website for these specific fields, but another way to find an internship is through your network.  Find those companies on LinkedIn that you want to work for, make some connections, and see if there are any opportunities for you.  You may even find someone you can shadow for a week or so to learn the industry, as Brian suggested.  One of my friends from high school majored in communications on the West Coast, only to discover his real passion was fashion.  He networked and got an internship at a top fashion magazine in New York (very Devil Wears Prada), knowing that his internship was really an audition for a future job.  Sure enough, he was offered a position at the publication shortly thereafter.

If you want to make your resume stand out, and you’ve got the time and resources to take an internship, it might be a great way to learn about an industry you like.

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